Law Firm Buyout Testimonials

Law Firm Buyout Testimonials

We hired Roy to help us navigate the ways to transition our multi-million dollar immigration firm to a qualified associate. We found his approach very practical and it helped guide our conversation and gave us a timetable to work with. The information that Roy requested from us to learn about our practice was manageable. The questions posed to each of us as to the “Perfect Exit” helped us each identify our longer term goals, share them with each other, and reach alignment so that we could move forward with concrete steps. It was also helpful to have Roy’s suggestions for different ways to value our practice that did not involve us getting bogged down in a lot of detailed number crunching and complex accounting.

– Small law firm owners, San Francisco, CA

My partner and I hired Roy to provide ideas about how to best transition our interests in our litigation firm to my other partner. He was genuinely interested in helping us define and resolve our issues. Roy thoroughly understood each of our characterizations of where we were and our thoughts on where we wanted to be. His non-judgmental questions kept us moving forward and motivated us to reach a solution that we are very pleased to have achieved.

– Small law firm owner, Bismarck, ND

I had the wonderful privilege of working with Roy on a minority transfer (essentially a buy-in) of our law practice to two associate attorneys. I greatly appreciated Roy’s vast knowledge about these matters and his careful attention to detail. He provided much needed guidance and had wonderful suggestions about how to proceed as well as alternative ideas and models. I thought his financial analyses were fair and on point. I highly recommend using Roy to assist in navigating these very subjective waters!

– Small law firm owner, Cedar Rapids, IA

Our firm hired Roy because we needed assistance to get over the finish line to conclude the buyout of the firm’s senior partner. He helped us see things objectively and provided an “outsider” point of view that was much needed. With his overall guidance, we accomplished our goal.

– Small law firm owner, Minneapolis, MN

I hired Roy to help me with an internal buyout of my immigration practice. What I liked most about his services was Roy’s flexibility – in terms of his willingness to work with both my associate and me. And best of all, the transition has been going great. I have reduced my time in the office to one day a week and loving it.

– Small law firm owner, Seattle, WA

I hired Roy to help me transition my entire plaintiff’s personal injury law practice to my associate as I was approaching retirement. He focused my attention on all of the relevant issues and expectations. I was completely satisfied and pleased with all of his services.

– Small law firm owner, Little Rock, AR

I needed assistance with my planned exit from my workers compensation practice. I liked the personal nature of Roy’s services. He was easy to talk to and easily accessible. There is nothing I was expecting that Roy did not provide. I also very much appreciated his willingness to be available to me so as things change over the next year, I can see where I stand.

– Small law firm owner, Atlanta, GA

I was very pleased to have Roy's assistance when trying to determine the best way for me to get bought out. His knowledge from his coaching and consulting experience from past deals was very useful and valuable. He kept me focused on the deal points that were most important to ensure the future success of my real estate practice.

– Partner, small law firm, Brainerd, MN

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Roy quickly grasped the nature of my practice and provided an easy to understand appraisal of its value and suggested next steps. I was extremely pleased with his services. He did a great job!