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I just turned 70 and have successfully owned a 7 figure small firm corporate practice for years. There were a lot of moving parts as I was trying to determine my best exit strategy and I knew I couldn’t do it alone. Roy quickly grasped the nature of my practice and provided an easy to understand appraisal of its value and suggested next steps. I was extremely pleased with his services, particularly his availability and ability to move my transaction forward. He did a great job!

– Small law firm owner, San Diego, CA

Roy and I both agreed that my best exit strategy for my estate planning practice was to seek an "of counsel" position at another firm. His advice was particularly valuable when we vetted the various firms. He knew all of the important questions to ask to determine if the firm would be a good fit for me, as well as for my clients. I am now happily "of counsel" at another firm without any of the headaches of running my own firm. Hiring Roy was an excellent decision  and an investment that I wouldn’t hesitate to make again.

– Of Counsel, mid-sized law firm, Detroit, MI

The number one thing that I liked about Roy’s services was that there are people out there that really know their stuff when it comes to the buying and selling of law practices. Roy is clearly well-versed and experienced in this area. I'm not aware of anyone in the country that does what he does. His assistance was invaluable when deciding how to exit my niche real estate practice.

– Small law firm owner, Coastal AL

I hired Roy so I can get my hands around what my debt collection law firm was worth. I already had a buyer in mind, but didn’t know where to start when it came to my price. Working with Roy was simple and straightforward. He was easy to reach and communicate with and he timely completed his appraisal. I also greatly appreciated Roy’s insight about successor transitions.

– Small law firm owner, Southern CA

I wanted to buy a practice and hired Roy to help me assess the law firms I was considering. What I found most helpful was his knowledge and insight into what other firms are experiencing and doing in regard to succession planning and buyouts. That type of information is simply not readily available to make comparisons. I found it very valuable.

– Solo practitioner, NYC
I hired Roy to help me with an internal buy out of my immigration practice. What I liked most about his services was Roy’s flexibility – in terms of his willingness to work with both my associate and me. And best of all, the transition has been going great. I have reduced my time in the office to one day a week and loving it. As expected, the incoming business has not been impacted by my decreased workload and that is doing well. Next year, I look forward to doing only 2 hours a month for general consulting.
– Small law firm owner, Seattle, WA

I was considering the purchase of an estate planning practice. The seller and I hired Roy to value the firm because of his experience in this area and his background as an attorney. His appraisal was logical and his analysis was succinct. The fact that Roy’s report provided a range of values, rather than precise number, created an intellectually honest and credible work product. Overall, Roy’s appraisal was very helpful to put the deal together.

– Small law firm owner, Phoenix, AZ

Roy was such an integral part of our lives for so many months. I appreciated the incredible professional and personal support he extended to my husband during the transition of his education law practice. My husband is accustomed to handling all things himself, but Roy was so good at his job that he was able to rely on him tremendously.  Roy's calm demeanor and vast knowledge were invaluable; my husband could not have made this critical transition without him. Thank you very much for all of your help.

– Spouse of a small law firm owner, Sacramento, CA

Roy enabled me to “know” where I am and eliminate the guesswork. He gave it to me straight on about my various options of what to do with my successful estate planning practice. Roy did an excellent job and liked working with him.

– Small law firm owner, Denver, CO

I needed an appraisal for an insider deal for my plaintiff personal injury practice. I couldn't thank Roy enough for his comprehensive appraisal report. It was clear, concise, well-written and most enlightening.

– Small law firm owner, San Jose, CA

I found Roy to be both professional and knowledgeable and am grateful for the guidance he provided as I navigated uncharted waters when exiting my litigation practice.

– Small law firm owner, Worcester, MA

One of the reasons my partner and I hired Roy was that we recognized the difficulty of how to value our immigration practice. There are many different theories and goodwill is such a variable. I liked the fact that Roy had definite ideas about how to value our practice and could create a valuation as a jumping off point.

– Small law firm owner, Denver, CO

I hired Roy when I was presented with the opportunity to buy the estate planning practice of a recently deceased attorney. Initially, I was apprehensive about doing it, but the approach he suggested was unique, and offered me the reassurance I was looking for to move forward with the deal.  I appreciated that along the way, Roy also coached me on not only on the purchase, but also on law firm management practices . I would not have felt confident going in as a purchaser without Roy by my side.

– Solo practitioner, Davis, CA

My partner and I hired Roy to provide ideas about how to best transition my interest in our litigation firm to my other partner and perhaps some associates. It was clear to me from the very beginning that he was genuinely interested in helping us define and resolve our issue. I could tell that Roy had thoroughly understood each of our characterizations of where we were and our thoughts on where we wanted to be. His non-judgmental questions helped us keep moving forward and motivated us to reach a solution my partner and I are very pleased we achieved.

– Small law firm owner, Bismarck, ND

I hired Roy to help me transition my entire plaintiff’s personal injury law practice to my associate as I was approaching retirement. He focused my attention on all of the relevant issues and expectations. I was completely satisfied and pleased with all of his services.

– Small law firm owner, Little Rock, AR

Roy was easy to communicate with and prompt when I needed responses. In his appraisal report of my estate planning practice, the writing was clear, succinct, and quite comprehensible.

– Small law firm owner, San Diego, CA

I initially hired Roy to assess buying a practice. I enjoyed his "wake-up call" advice which was real, pragmatic, affordable, and beneficial. In fact, absent Roy’s advice, I would have spent a quarter million dollars in excess of what a particular practice was actually worth. Instead, I was coached on how to build a practice and maintain a digital footprint. Further, there was an intangible value having Roy by my side during the process, a great comfort that my coach was here to assist whenever necessary and always available.

– Solo practitioner, Irvine, CA

I hired Roy because I needed help to assess my options for my last years as a practicing ERISA lawyer. What I appreciated most was the timeliness of his responses and input to the coaching process. I also had a sense that Roy was really listening and responding to my concerns, not just to his expectations of my concerns. That made our conversations frank and constructive.

– Partner, small law firm, Kansas City, MO

I originally hired Roy to help me value my criminal defense firm with the idea of passing it along to my senior associate. Instead, he convinced me that I first had to make a few changes to the firm in order to get it ready for a successful transition. I really liked the fact that Roy made us pay attention to such facets of the practice that we would normally not take the time to deal with. When all of those changes have been implemented, I plan to rehire Roy to help start the actual transition.

– Small law firm owner, Madison WI

Roy did an excellent job finding potential buyers. I greatly appreciated the vetting that he did so I didn't have to spend time assessing them. To be honest, when I first got the idea of selling my estate planning practice, I was not that optimistic that the concept would work. Sure enough, it did.

– Solo practitioner, Burnsville, MN

What I liked most about Roy's services was that he asked the right questions to force me to think about what I really want to accomplish as I contemplated winding down my plaintiff's workers compensation practice. It was a really helpful exercise for me to provide a foundation solid enough to ensure that I was doing the right thing. Roy got me to where I wanted to go (after being a solo for years, I merged with a small law firm) and I'm very thankful to him.

– Solo practitioner, Providence, RI

I greatly valued Roy’s advice and counsel because he challenged me to find clarity on the important threshold questions of selling my immigration law firm: why sell, why sell now, what do I do after? If you are thinking of selling your practice, you can only benefit by confronting the issues that an experienced coach and consultant such as Roy knows to raise and how to best resolve.

– Small law firm owner, Washington, DC

I found all of Roy's assistance to sell my law practice extremely helpful. Perhaps what I appreciated the most about his services was his sensitivity to the emotions that I experienced while going through the entire process. It is never easy to plan change, but that is especially true when planning the end of a proud and accomplished career.

– Solo practitioner, Hopkins, MN

I owned a successful plaintiff's workers compensation practice for 30 years. I needed a good succession plan; so I called on Roy. Together we devised a plan where I became "of counsel" with a larger firm which took over most of my existing case load. The plan provided me with an excellent income stream, plenty of free time, and just enough involvement to keep my professional mind active. Roy's help and my results have exceeded all expectations.

– Of Counsel, mid-sized law firm, Seattle, WA

Roy's advice about downsizing and possibly merging with other immigration firms was practical and appropriate for my interests and needs. He helped me narrow down my options in a very short time.

– Solo practitioner, Sacramento, CA

I am in my mid 50's and have a very successful solo plaintiff's personal injury practice. I have enough money that I can now afford to slow down and fully retire now, but anticipated doing so in my early 60's, as I still enjoy working. I had many ideas about how to transition to that stage, but had little confidence that my succession plan ideas were practical. I hired Roy to brainstorm the various alternatives. With his expertise, he quickly dismissed some potential options, and steered me in the direction to downsize my practice in a manner that has provided me with almost as much income as I have historically earned. After doling out legal advice for decades, being on the receiving end of expert advice was not something I was used to, and was extremely welcomed. Roy's analysis and his thoughtful insights have been exceptionally helpful.

– Solo practitioner, Casper, WY

Roy helped me when I purchased a solo rural general practice. His advice was always spot on, to the point and very helpful. Like most lawyers, I never had any experience buying a practice. It was great to have Roy to rely on whenever I had any questions about the deal.

– Solo practitioner, small PA town

I was very pleased to have Roy's assistance when trying to determine the best way for me to buy out the previous owner of the firm. The knowledge that he has from his coaching and consulting experience from past deals was very useful and valuable. He kept me focused on the deal points that were most important to ensure the future success of my real estate practice.

– Partner, small law firm, Brainerd, MN

I am a partner is a small boutique trade and customs law firm, along with one other partner. I hired Roy to get a more objective view of what our practice is worth in anticipation of negotiating a buyout of my other partner. He provided all of the information that I was hoping to receive and did so in a very timely manner.

– Small law firm owner, San Francisco, CA

I am an immigration attorney and hired Roy to help sell my practice. I liked that Roy was very thorough in requesting the necessary information from me, so that he could do the firm evaluation/packaging quickly and efficiently. And I especially appreciated that Roy was able to kick the process into high gear when my firm had some unexpected personnel changes.

– Small law firm owner, Washington DC

The services Roy provided were excellent. The manner in which he evaluated my immigration firm’s situation was particularly helpful in terms of being able to position the firm to sell. Roy’s knowledge regarding what to expect in terms of a deal was also very helpful.

– Small law firm owner, Denver, CO

I hired Roy to help assess my preconceived notion that selling my family law firm was my best exit strategy. He effectively debunked that idea because of my unique circumstances. Nevertheless, Roy was able to advise me about more realistic and profitable alternatives. His consulting was thoughtful, timely and in plain English. I couldn't have asked for more.

– Solo practitioner, Upper Nyack, NY

What I liked most about Roy services is that he asked the right questions to force me to think about what I really want to accomplish as I contemplated winding down my practice. It was a really helpful exercise for me to provide a foundation . . ." Read more
– Solo practitioner, Providence, RI


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