Why Buy a Law Practice

Start With Success—Buy a Law Practice

An increasing popular way for lawyers to grow or diversify their practices is by strategically purchasing the practice of other lawyers. “Strategic” is the key word here, as you must be smart about which practices you consider purchasing and how much you pay for the practice you decide upon.

Buying a Practice Brings Many Benefits

Lawyers looking to take a smart leap to build their practice should seriously consider buying the practice of a retiring attorney. Buying an existing legal practice has its advantages:

  • You have work to do right away
  • You gain access to a built-in referral network
  • Your book of business is full of vetted, paying clients
  • Your phone rings and your website gets visitors
  • You have predictable costs
  • You may even gain access to a willing mentor

How to Finance the Purchase of a Practice

Often, new or inexperienced lawyers worry about the cost of purchasing a legal practice. The truth is that buying a practice may not be as expensive or risky as you think. Indeed, the seller may choose to:

  • Personally finance the deal
  • Take a payout over an extended period of time
  • Base payments on future revenue

Moreover, if your offer is the only one on the table, something is usually better than nothing for the seller.

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If you are considering buying a law practice, work with attorney Roy Ginsburg. He has 10-plus years of experience working as a strategic advisor to solo practitioners and small law firms across the country. He also has 30-plus years of experience actively practicing law himself. If you’d like more information, pick up the phone and call Roy at (612) 524-5837 or send over a quick email inquiry.

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