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You've spent your career building a successful law practice. Do you know what your best exit strategy is, so you can retire with a nice bonus and leave your clients in good hands? Don’t let all of your hard work go to waste. Contact Roy Ginsburg today!

Reap the Rewards of Your Practice With Strategic Law Firm Succession Services

Increase your nest egg to use during retirement. Ensure your valued clients continue to be represented by counsel that is as first-rate as you have been. Determine the best way for you to strategically exit the legal professional:

  • Have an associate buy you out
  • Sell your practice to a third party
  • Go of-counsel
  • Downsize your practice

Roy Ginsburg can help you decide which option suits you best.

Before You Sell, Learn How Much Your Law Practice Is Worth

The first step to reaping the rewards of your law practice is to understand what your practice is worth. After that, you need to know who the optimal buyers are.

  • If you have lawyers already working for you, are they capable of continuing your legacy or will they run it into the ground?
  • If you’re a solo attorney, where do you turn to find the best buyers? And once you’ve found a buyer, do you know how to structure the deal?

Unsure of how to best answer these questions? That’s where working with an expert attorney coach and consultant like Roy Ginsburg helps. He can answer all these questions for you and lead you down the right law firm succession path.

Think You Can Go This Alone? Practice What You Preach!

Stop your instinctive lawyer self-talk of, "Yeah, I know I need a succession plan, but this doesn't seem too complicated. I can figure it out myself." You already know the problems created when your own clients think that way. It’s time to practice what you preach.

Remember, you don’t know what you don’t know. As your clients rely on you for your practice expertise, you can rely on Roy's decades of legal experience and more than a dozen years of law firm succession planning consulting to help secure your peace of mind and the best exit strategy for your firm and clients.

You only have one opportunity to exit the legal profession. Make sure you do it right. Feel confident that Roy will make your transition as beneficial and as trouble-free as possible so that you can begin a well-deserved retirement.

Contact Roy Ginsburg for Help Selling Your Law Practice

Roy Ginsburg is an attorney coach, consultant and practicing attorney who understands the legal market. He has the insight you need to make smart choices about your future. Roy works with lawyers nationwide. Invest in a proven, expert process by calling Roy at (612) 524-5837 or by contacting Roy by email.

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I owned a successful workers compensation practice for 30 years. I needed a good succession plan; so I called on Roy Ginsburg. Together we devised a plan where I became "of counsel" with a larger firm which took over most of my . . ." Read more
– Of Counsel, mid-sized law firm, Seattle, WA