Law Firm Downsizing Testimonials

Roy's advice about downsizing and possibly merging with other immigration firms was practical and appropriate for my interests and needs. He helped me narrow down my options in a very short time.

– Solo practitioner, Sacramento, CA

I am in my mid 50's and have a very successful solo plaintiff's personal injury practice. I have enough money that I can now afford to slow down and fully retire now, but anticipated doing so in my early 60's. I hired Roy to brainstorm the various alternatives. With his expertise, he quickly dismissed some options and steered me in the direction to downsize my practice in a manner that will provide me with almost as much income as I have historically earned. After doling out legal advice for decades, being on the receiving end of expert advice was not something I was used to, and was extremely welcomed. Roy's analysis and his thoughtful insights have been exceptionally helpful.

– Solo practitioner, Casper, WY

I hired Roy to help me navigate the retirement process at my law firm. What I liked most about working with him was that Roy has considerable experience in the succession and retirement processes. No one else I know has been through the process any more than one time. Also, Roy’s depth of experience gave me a practical, problem-solving approach. I also liked Roy’s forms and exercises. They were very helpful to organize my thinking.

– Partner, mid-sized Cleveland, OH law firm

I greatly appreciated Roy’s practical way of viewing my situation and the care he took to be certain that he understood me, not just my estate planning practice. Roy provided everything that I was hoping for.

-Solo practitioner, North Hills, CA