Grow Your Business by Purchasing a Successful Law Practice

Buying a law practice can be a wise move for a solo attorney or the owner of a small firm looking to expand their practice. At the same time, buying can be intimidating: most attorneys who want to buy an existing practice have never done so before and don’t know where to start. How do you find a firm to buy that’s right for your needs? How do you determine the firm’s value? How do you structure the sale?

You don’t have to answer these questions alone. With over 15 years of experience in helping attorneys buy and sell their practices, attorney Roy Ginsburg can guide you through the purchasing process.

Why Should You Buy a Law Practice?

Retiring attorneys have spent years building successful practices. From building a solid reputation to marketing their services, they’ve built a foundation you can now take advantage of. When you buy a law practice, you have work to do right away, a full book of business, and the goodwill generated by the attorney who carefully built the practice.

Get the Help You Need to Buy with Confidence

Attorney coach Roy Ginsburg has over 40 years of law practice experience and over 15 years of experience as a consultant helping other attorneys sell and buy law practices. That background gives Roy a unique understanding of the nuances of valuing a law firm. With Roy’s help, you can:

  • Ensure you pay a fair price: It’s easy to overpay for a law firm. Many attorneys pull the asking price for their firm out of thin air, based on what they believe their firm to be worth and nothing more. Roy has the experience with law firm purchases to ensure you pay a fair price, and he will help you negotiate the deal.
  • Determine the best way to finance your purchase: You may be able to choose from a variety of financing options that won’t break the bank. Roy can help you explore them in detail, so you can make the best choice for you.
  • Avoid making a bad buying decision: You know what they say—some of the best deals you do are the ones you don’t. Just because a deal looks good on paper doesn’t mean it’s right for you. Based on your future goals, financing options and other factors, Roy will help you decide if you should sign or walk away.

Roy Ginsburg is here to help you even after the purchase of your new firm. As a strategic advisor and coach, he can guide you through marketing, billing, firm management, and other details you need to master for success in your new practice. And when the time comes for you to transition out of practice, he can help with that, too.

Want to Buy a Law Firm? Reach Out to Roy Today.

Don’t just go out and sign on the dotted line for any law firm on the market. Buying a practice is one thing you shouldn’t DIY. Invest in experienced advice now to avoid making an expensive mistake you’ll regret later.

To learn more about buying a law practice, give Roy a call at 612-524-5837 or connect online.