Restructuring or Downsizing is a Valid Option

There are, on occasion, certain situations where it makes little sense to transition one’s practice to another attorney. At times, the best exit strategy may include restructuring or downsizing the firm's operations.

This can be an attractive and viable option for attorneys who think along these lines.

  • You can’t imagine what life would be like if you couldn’t practice law.
  • You can’t afford to retire but you desire a less hectic practice.
  • You want a gradual slowdown, one that lasts over an extended period of time.
  • You practice in an area that as a practical matter, has little value in the marketplace.
  • Your firm’s practice is too small to warrant the search for a successor.

For some, even after downsizing, there remains the possibility that the practice has sufficient value and can be transitioned. And even if there’s nothing left to sell by downsizing, there is no need to lose sleep thinking that you left money on the table because you retired too soon. Chances are good that you probably made more money working those last few years than what you could have obtained by selling. In other words, your retirement nest egg didn’t suffer at all.

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