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Roy and I both agreed that my best exit strategy for my estate planning practice was to seek an "of counsel" position at another firm. His advice was particularly valuable when we vetted the various firms. He knew all of the important questions to ask to determine if the firm would be a good fit for me, as well as for my clients. I am now happily "of counsel" at another firm without any of the headaches of running my own firm. Hiring Roy was an excellent decision and an investment that I wouldn’t hesitate to make again.

– Of Counsel, mid-sized law firm, Detroit, MI

Roy was such an integral part of our lives for so many months while he worked with my spouse, the owner of an education law practice. I appreciated the incredible professional and personal support he extended during the transition. My husband is accustomed to handling all things himself, but Roy was so good at his job that he was able to rely on him tremendously. His calm demeanor and vast knowledge were invaluable. My husband could not have made this critical transition without Roy. Thank you very much for all of your help.

– Spouse of a small law firm owner, Sacramento, CA

Roy did an excellent job finding potential buyers. I greatly appreciated the vetting that he did so I didn't have to spend time assessing them. To be honest, when I first got the idea of selling my estate planning practice, I was not that optimistic that the concept would work. Sure enough, it did.

– Solo practitioner, Burnsville, MN

What I liked most about Roy's services was that he asked the right questions to force me to think about what I really want to accomplish as I contemplated winding down my plaintiff's workers compensation practice. Roy got me to where I wanted to go (after being a solo for years, I merged with a small law firm) and I'm very thankful to him.

– Solo practitioner, Providence, RI

I found all of Roy's assistance to sell my estate planning practice extremely helpful. Perhaps what I appreciated the most about his services was his sensitivity to the emotions that I experienced while going through the entire process. It is never easy to plan change, but that is especially true when planning the end of a proud and accomplished career.

– Solo practitioner, Hopkins, MN

I greatly valued Roy’s advice and counsel because he challenged me to find clarity on the important threshold questions of selling my immigration law firm: why sell, why sell now, what do I do after? If you are thinking of selling your practice, you can only benefit by confronting the issues that an experienced coach and consultant such as Roy knows to raise and how to best resolve.

– Small law firm owner, Washington, DC

I owned a successful plaintiff's workers compensation practice for thirty years and needed a good succession plan. We devised a plan where I became "of counsel" with a larger firm which took over most of my existing cases. The plan provided me with an excellent income stream, plenty of free time, and just enough involvement to keep my professional mind active. Roy's help and my results have exceeded all expectations.

– Of Counsel, mid-sized law firm, Seattle, WA

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I hired Roy so I can get my hands around what my debt collection law firm was worth. I already had a buyer in mind, but didn’t know where to start when it came to my price. His appraisal was very straightforward and was extremely helpful to close m…" Read more
– Small law firm owner, Anaheim, CA