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I wanted to buy a practice and hired Roy to help me assess the law firms I was considering. What I found most helpful was his knowledge and insight into what other firms are doing with buyouts. That type of information is simply not readily available to make comparisons. I found it very valuable.

– Solo practitioner, NYC

I hired Roy when I was presented with the opportunity to buy the estate planning practice of a recently deceased attorney. He offered me the reassurance I was looking for to move forward with the deal. I would not have felt confident going in as a purchaser without Roy by my side.

– Solo practitioner, Davis, CA

Roy helped me when I purchased a solo rural general practice. His advice was always spot on, to the point and very helpful. Like most lawyers, I never had any experience buying a practice. It was great to have Roy to rely on whenever I had any questions about the deal.

– Solo practitioner, small PA town

I initially hired Roy to assess buying a practice. His "wake-up call" advice was real, pragmatic, affordable, and beneficial. Absent Roy’s advice, I would have spent a quarter million dollars in excess of what a the practice was actually worth.

– Solo practitioner, Irvine, CA

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I really liked the fact that Roy was able to provide me with information as to the transition process that I was completely unaware of. While I have represented many clients in the sale of their dental, optometry and medical practices, there seems to…" Read more
– Small law firm owner, Homestead, FL