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I just turned seventy and own a small firm with a seven figure corporate practice. There were a lot of moving parts as I was trying to determine my best exit strategy and I knew I couldn’t do it alone. Roy quickly grasped the nature of my practice and provided an easy to understand appraisal of its value and suggested next steps. I was extremely pleased with his services. He did a great job!

– Small law firm owner, San Diego, CA

Roy provided exactly what I needed. I knew there was no precise formula to value my firm, but I still wanted a sense of how to go about it as best we can, and he delivered. Roy was also very easy to work with. He was responsive and reliable throughout the time we worked together.

– Small law firm owner, Columbus, OH

Roy is clearly well-versed and experienced in appraising and the buying and selling of law practices. His assistance was invaluable when deciding how to exit my niche real estate practice.

– Small law firm owner, Coastal AL

What I liked most about Roy was the simplicity and ease of working with him. He had a good grasp of how a small (solo) practice works, as well as a thorough understanding of my estate planning practice. His thorough appraisal report for me was, of course, a valuable “marketing tool.” Overall, I’m very grateful for having had the opportunity to work with Roy.

– Solo practitioner, Jackson, WY

I hired Roy to appraise a workers’ compensation firm and for his advice during negotiations. His efforts were informative, effective and always done promptly. Overall, I was very happy with Roy’s services.

– Small law firm owner, West Palm Beach, FL

I hired Roy so I can get my hands around what my debt collection law firm was worth. I already had a buyer in mind, but didn’t know where to start when it came to my price. His appraisal was very straightforward and was extremely helpful to close my deal.

– Small law firm owner, Anaheim, CA

I was considering the purchase of an estate planning practice. The seller and I hired Roy to value the firm because of his experience in this area and his background as an attorney. His appraisal was logical and his analysis was succinct. The fact that Roy’s report provided a range of values, rather than precise number, created an intellectually honest and credible work product. Overall, Roy’s appraisal was very helpful to put the deal together.

– Small law firm owner, Phoenix, AZ

I needed an appraisal for an insider deal for my plaintiff personal injury practice. I couldn't thank Roy enough for his comprehensive report. His appraisal was clear, concise, well-written and most enlightening.

– Small law firm owner, San Jose, CA

I found Roy to be both professional and knowledgeable. I am grateful for the guidance he provided as I navigated uncharted waters when exiting my litigation practice.

– Small law firm owner, Worcester, MA

My partner and I hired Roy because we recognized the difficulty of valuing our immigration practice. I liked the fact that he had definite ideas about how to value it. His valuation proved to be an excellent jumping off point to determine our exit strategy.

– Small law firm owner, Denver, CO

I hired Roy to help me value my criminal defense firm with the idea of passing it along to my senior associate. He forced me to pay attention to facets of the practice that I had overlooked. When all of his suggested changes have been implemented, I plan to rehire Roy to help start the actual transition.

– Small law firm owner, Madison, WI

I am a partner is a small boutique trade and customs law firm, along with one other partner. I hired Roy to get a more objective view of what our practice is worth in anticipation of negotiating a buyout of my other partner. His appraisal provided all of the information that I was hoping to receive and did so in a very timely manner.

– Small law firm owner, San Francisco, CA

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I was at a crossroads with my creditor bankruptcy firm and needed to make some serious decisions about my career. I turned to Roy to help me. When working together, I liked the contemplative nature of his questions, things I would never ask myself or…" Read more
– Small law firm owner, Chicago, IL