For Sale

For Sale

Gulf Coast Real Estate Law Firm for Sale

Solo niche real estate practice with long term clients. Annual gross revenues have consistently been in the half-to-three-quarter million-dollar range. Owner seeks to sell or merge.


New Orleans Estate Planning Law Firm for Sale

Past revenues consistently in the three-quarter to one million-dollar range. Many high end clients. Owner seeks to sell or merge.


Minneapolis Estate Planning Law Firm for Sale

Past revenues consistently in the quarter million-dollar range.  Owner seeks to sell or merge.


Kansas City Employment Law Firm for Sale

Retired employment lawyer who exclusively represents federal employees in the Kansas City area wants to refer out active caseload. Future cases that still may come in from website and phone number may also be part of an agreement.


Contact Roy Ginsburg for more information about these opportunities at 612-812-4500 or


Law Practices Wanted

We have successfully acquired the Estate Planning, Trust & Probate law practices of several attorneys who have exited the practice of law. We are looking for additional practices in California, specifically in the Greater Sacramento Area, San Francisco Bay Area, Santa Barbara County, Ventura County, Los Angeles County, Orange County and San Diego County. Desired Revenue: $300,000-$2,000,000. The interests of your clients will be protected; we are experienced. All inquiries will remain confidential. Please contact Jim Cunningham, 530-269-1515;, CunninghamLegal, Auburn, CA.

I am in my mid 50's and have a very successful solo personal injury practice. I have enough money that I can now afford to slow down and fully retire now, but anticipated doing so in my early 60's, as I still enjoy working. I had . . ." Read the rest
– Solo practitioner, Casper, WY


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