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Don't leave behind your book of business and referral network that took you years to develop; sell your law practice. What you have built may be worth something.

Enhance Your Retirement Income—Sell Your Law Practice

Roy Ginsburg is an attorney coach and practicing attorney who understands the legal market. He has the insight you need to make smart choices about your future.

Why You Should Consider Selling or Buying a Law Practice

  • Selling a legal practiceYou can reap the rewards of having built a successful law practice by selling your practice when it comes time to retire. Selling gives you the exit strategy you need to leave on your terms and increase your nest egg that can support you well into your sunset years. It is also the best way to ensure that your clients will continue to be served at the highest levels of quality.
  • Buying a legal practiceWhether you are just starting out or you are looking to build your book of business, buying a law practice can be a smart way to go. An existing practice brings with it a book of business, predictable costs and a built-in referral network, to name a few great benefits.

Whether you are buying or selling, you need to ensure you understand what any given law practice is worth. That is where working with an experienced coach like Roy Ginsburg can help. He knows the important factors to evaluate when valuing a legal practice.

Contact Roy Ginsburg for Help Selling or Buying a Practice

Attorney Roy Ginsburg helps lawyers sell or buy law practices. He acts as your strategic advisor to achieve an end result that will enhance your financial security during retirement. Learn more today by calling Roy at (612) 812-4500 or by contacting Roy via email.

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